7 Home Seller Tips to Keep You Encouraged

Pamela Nichols  |  February 29, 2024


Pamela Nichols knows that selling your home can be stressful in many ways, financially as well as emotionally. To stay encouraged on your journey, acquire professional help from a REALTOR®. Selling your home should be a predictable process that your REALTOR® can help walk you through financially — and help you navigate the emotions of selling and relocating.

Be Aware of Interest Rates 

When you sell, you must be informed to be competitive. Be aware of interest rates for homes in your price range and be competitive. Ask your REALTOR® to do a comparison of home sales in your area and consider all the factors. Visit the listings online to see how other homes appeal to buyers and how they may have a competitive curb appeal or a feature that would motivate you to either improve your property or make a price adjustment.

Be Consistent with Your Routine

Continue to take excellent care of yourself and your home investment. If you would normally plant flowers this time of year, then plant flowers. If you spend a weekend away in early Spring, then make that happen with the ones you love and care about. Your REALTOR® might even appreciate you being gone so they can plan multiple home showings during your short time away. Whatever you do, don’t let go of what brings you joy.

Keep Your Eye on the Contract

Keep your eye on the prize — getting under contract. Your part is to keep the exterior of the home tidy, the brochure box replenished along with flowers and curbside appeal that shows the love your home holds. Adopt a family practice of making sure the home is picked up in the mornings before work or school in the event of a surprise afternoon visit request from a prospective buyer. Knowing you and your family are contributing in this way will help you stay connected to the process that the REALTOR® is walking you through.

Allow for Multiple Open Houses and Broker Opens

Your REALTOR® Pamela Nichols can organize and announce an Open House for your property. Ads on popular platforms can help get the word out. Through professional photography and an accurate marketing description of your beautiful home, printed flyers and a booklet on site of your home disclosure and information about asking price will be available to visitors and brokers who may have questions. An electronic sign-in tablet will record visitors who leave names and contact information for follow-up. Broker Opens are collaborated with other REALTORS® who are interested in hosting a session to bring other professionals in the industry such as other agents, loan officers, and designers to tour your property they will often provide valuable feedback that the general public may not realize you are seeking. Both types of events serve to get the word out and get people through the door.

Be Open to Consistent Price Reductions

A REALTOR® will never be able to predict fully how a market listing area will respond to your offer. Professional training helps them walk through the steps that it takes to get in the zone. However, a price deduction may be a consideration. A good REALTOR® would be able to guide you through when that is appropriate. The most important aspect of a price reduction is to be consistent —  even if it’s just 1% at a time. Based on today’s market research, a potential price reduction would be best considered every 22 days. Check with your REALTOR® to see if this factor is accurate for your scenario.  Additionally, your agent will know when the best time for reductions is, based on their marketing strategy and ad campaigns. Since real estate is hyper-local some areas may not require a reduction at all and we are still seeing multiple offers in this market.

Relax and Decompress

Your REALTOR® should have a recipe for the successful ingredients for selling your home. Just follow the steps laid out for you and leave the rest to them. Relax and know your REALTOR® is working for you, networking and strategizing at every event they attend. Through their website, listing, collaborations, and advertising, they are excited to help you reach your family goals. 

Know that it can take time to sell your home. Luxury-priced homes are in a price bracket that the majority cannot afford. That factor alone will add time to the market. Median-sized homes may sell quicker or be influenced by interest rates, inflation, and other factors in the economy. Most of all, enjoy your last season in your beautiful home. Cherish it and the memories and prepare yourself to transition soon. You’ll be glad you took the time to process the upcoming shift.

Be Ready for Early Competition

​​Pamela Nichols is your professional REALTOR® who can help you start prepping to sell your home this Spring. You’ll be glad you did when you find yourself prepared and ahead of other listings coming on the market. You need a professional REALTOR® who listens, is compassionate and understanding, and has a planned approach to successfully get your home to closing.


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