7 Most Popular Architectural Styles in Tulsa

Pamela Nichols  |  December 20, 2022

7 Most Popular Architectural Styles in Tulsa

Tulsa is home to a wide array of housing styles. From art deco to colonial to contemporary styles, many different architectural styles make up the homes of Tulsa. Here are seven of the most common architectural styles in Tulsa:

Art Deco

The Art Deco style is one of the most recognizable architectural styles in modern times. Its geometric shapes and bold colors give it a luxurious and sophisticated feel while still maintaining a streamlined and contemporary look. In Tulsa, the Art Deco style can be seen throughout the city, particularly in its downtown area. Many of Tulsa's skyscrapers feature prominent Art Deco elements, as well as modern office buildings that incorporate touches of the style into their design. Whether viewed from afar or admired at ground level, these iconic buildings help to establish Tulsa's reputation as a hub for cutting-edge architecture and design.
If you're looking for an apartment in Tulsa or want to build your dream home here, the exciting and vibrant Art Deco style is sure to impress.


The Bungalow or Craftsman style is a popular architectural style that can be found throughout the city of Tulsa. This style originated in California in the late 1800s and early 1900s and features simple, geometric designs with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Typically, Bungalow and Craftsman-style homes are built from wood or stone, showcasing local resources and materials. The prevalence of this style in Tulsa is due in part to the large concentration of historic neighborhoods in the city, which feature a wide array of styles and period details. Overall, Tulsa's many beautifully crafted Bungalows and Craftsman-style homes exemplify both local craftsmanship and enduring sophistication, making them extremely desirable for anyone looking for real estate in this vibrant city.

Colonial Revival

The colonial revival style is one of the most popular architectural styles in Tulsa, and it is well suited to the city's warm, humid climate. This style features distinctive details, such as shutters and pillars, with an elegant and stately appearance that exudes a sense of luxury and prestige. One of the main hallmarks of this style is its symmetrical layout, with clearly defined spaces for each room and a carefully considered distribution of windows. Thanks to its versatility and attractive appearance, colonial revival continues to be one of the most widely used styles in Tulsa's neighborhoods today. Whether you are looking for a classic estate or something more contemporary, this elegant architectural style is sure to stand out.


Contemporary style is another popular architectural style in Tulsa. This sleek, modern aesthetic is characterized by a minimalist approach, with clean lines, simple geometries, and open floor plans. It is also known for its emphasis on natural light and clean, uncluttered spaces. As such, contemporary homes feel airy and spacious, making them a favorite choice among homeowners in search of a bright and inviting living environment. Due to its popularity in Tulsa, contemporary homes can be found throughout the city in a wide range of neighborhoods and price points. Whether you are a first-time buyer looking for an affordable starter home or a luxury property developer looking to construct multi-million dollar mansions, chances are you will find what you are looking for with contemporary style. So if you are considering buying or building a new home in Tulsa, this modern trend is worth exploring.


The Georgian style is one of the most popular architectural styles in Tulsa due to its inherent sense of luxury and grandeur. With symmetrical features and elegant details such as ornate columns and intricate moldings, Georgian architecture exudes a certain timeless sophistication. This style has remained relatively unchanged for over 250 years, making it well-suited to modern living while maintaining its traditional aesthetic appeal. Whether used for single homes or sprawling estates, Georgian architecture adds an understated opulence to any neighborhood in Tulsa. So if you're looking to impress your clients with a luxurious home or property, then consider going Georgian!

Traditional Ranch

Traditional ranch style embodies all of the qualities that people look for in a home, including classic aesthetic appeal, timeless design principles, and high-quality craftsmanship. At its core, traditional ranch-style homes are characterized by clean lines and simple forms. With a low-pitched roof running to the ground and symmetrical, rectangular shapes, these homes have an understated elegance that allows them to blend seamlessly into any neighborhood. Additionally, traditional ranch homes often feature brick or stone exteriors, further contributing to their stately appearance. With their welcoming atmosphere and inviting interiors, it comes as no surprise that traditional ranch styles homes are so popular among buyers in Tulsa. Whether you're looking for a place to start your family or somewhere to retire in peace and comfort, this classic home design is sure to meet all of your needs and more. If you're searching for your dream home in Tulsa, be sure to keep this popular architectural style in mind.


The Tudor style is a common architectural style in Tulsa and elsewhere. With its steeply-pitched roofs, arched windows, and decorative facades, the Tudor style exudes elegance and luxury. Perhaps its most distinctive feature is the use of half-timbering, which consists of intricate patterns formed with wooden beams. This gives Tudor style an instantly recognizable appearance that many homebuyers find appealing.
In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Tudor style also offers many practical advantages, such as excellent insulation, helping to keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And with its sturdy frame built from durable materials, a Tudor-style house can withstand harsh weather conditions with ease. Overall, it is little wonder that this timeless architectural style continues to be highly sought after by homebuyers in Tulsa and beyond.
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