Navigating in a Split Buyer / Seller Housing Market

Pamela Nichols  |  April 10, 2024

Navigating in a Split Buyer / Seller Housing Market

In a Sellers Housing Market, the cost for your moderate, ideal home is typically higher. Specifically, the Tulsa County market is a great place to buy because the demand is a little more low-key. It can be a bit uncanny though when your prospect traffic slows down to a halt. What’s going on, you might ask?

The economy greatly affects whether shoppers are shopping. The price of goods, fuel, and high-interest rates keep demand moderately low because shoppers are mostly frozen. And in an election year, things are sure to improve over the duration and toward the inauguration, but early on in the year, it’s tough to get traction. 

While your home is part of the supply chain, it may not be in demand by the buyers who are shopping. Typically, when you sell over the $400k threshold, you’ve just increased your time on the market greatly. Moving past this threshold, it becomes more difficult when outside influences out of your control tend to tie up shoppers. However, many West Coast professionals in surgical, law, and highly skilled tech industry careers are buying homes in the $700k - $1.2m range and relocating to the Tulsa community.

Pamela Nichols knows how to look at several variables that could be affecting the traffic your listed home may be lacking. Selling your home should be a predictable process that your REALTOR® can help walk you through — and help you navigate the emotions of slowing trends due to surrounding competition and variable factors.

3 things sellers can do right now

Recognize you will have a custom buyer

Your home is beautiful and there is a buyer for it! So start with this encouragement as you commit to diving deeper into understanding the state of the housing market in your area. Contact Pamela Nichols who can help you make sense of the market trends and forecasts. She will do what a seasoned, professional REALTOR® will do by sharing all the factors of the market and suggesting what is most likely the best choice. But in the end, you will be empowered to make a decision based on your financial goals. Pamela will be there to support your decisions.

Count the cost to move forward

You may need to upgrade to compete with your neighbors on the next block or even start cutting your price. We recommend a specific algorithm for cutting pricing and a proven schedule. Approaching this in a haphazard manner can get you in more trouble than you would think. If you need to take action then please reach out to Pamela Nichols for a free consultation.

Watch for shifting trends

Trends are always shifting. This election year, watch for improvements in the interest rate and economy as more buyers come out to shop. The downside will be how aggressive and on your toes you will need to be to find the house of your dreams, contract quickly enough to win the offer and make it to closing.

Be Ready with a Professional REALTOR®

​​Pamela Nichols is your professional REALTOR® who can help you with all aspects of selling your home. Reach out — you’ll be glad you did when you find yourself prepared and ahead of other listings coming on the market. You need a professional REALTOR® who listens, is compassionate and understanding, and has a planned approach to successfully get your home to closing.



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