Why Should I Relocate to Tulsa?

Pamela Nichols  |  April 28, 2024

Why Should I Relocate to Tulsa?

Why Should I Relocate to Tulsa?

Tulsa is a city where university students choose to stay and multigeneration-citizenship is a norm. Unlike coastal communities where college graduates often cannot afford to return for a home in their parents’ neighborhoods, Tulsa offers an affordable housing market for buyers in every bracket. Whether a fourth-generation resident or a brand-new citizen in Tulsa, you’ll soon run into someone you know while out and about. It doesn’t take long for Tulsa to feel like home.

When you plan to relocate and purchase a home in Tulsa, Pamela Nichols knows how to make you feel right at home. As a professional REALTOR®, Pamela will help you know all the facts and arm you with the information you need to plan a successful relocation. Many West Coast homeowners have easily started over in Tulsa and happily transitioned to a new quality of life and family. You can too!

Tulsa values innovation.

Not only does the Tulsa Remote program offer a $10,000 grant to approved individual applicants, but it also provides an established community for those who participate in the program. Whether you seek a fresh start, a change of pace, or a lower cost of living combined with a higher quality of life, Tulsa Remote could help you make it happen. Since its launch in 2018, Tulsa Remote has built a network of over 3,000 talented and diverse remote workers. Applicants who currently have full-time remote employment and live outside the state of Oklahoma may qualify for this cutting-edge program. Backed by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, Tulsa Remote is one important piece in building a thriving and inclusive innovation ecosystem that is creating new opportunities.

Tulsa values education.

Many people choose to stay in Tulsa or move to Tulsa to raise their family. Arguably the best public and private schools in Oklahoma are located in Tulsa County where students can participate in Tulsa Achieves – a program offered through Tulsa Community College. Tulsa County’s graduating high school seniors may apply to receive up to 100% of tuition and fees through the completion of their first 63 credit hours at TCC. With a debt-free Associate degree in hand, students can transfer to 4-year universities to complete their degrees. Locally, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral degrees are offered through The University of Tulsa, OU-Tulsa, OSU-Tulsa, NSU-Broken Arrow, Oral Roberts University, Southern Nazarene University - Tulsa, and Rogers State University

Tulsa values recreation.

Tulsa successfully solves the difficult choice between a lively downtown and quiet suburban living – in Tulsa, you can easily enjoy both. From date nights to family outings, Tulsa offers ample opportunities to reconnect, recharge, and relax. Tulsa’s rich history can be discovered through visiting the many outstanding Museums located in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Date nights are enriched by visiting one of Tulsa’s special restaurants before enjoying The Arts District’s First Friday Art Crawl, attending a Broadway tour production at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, or taking in an arena concert at the BOK Center. Families enjoy the Tulsa Zoo and Oklahoma Aquarium in addition to Tulsa’s newest attraction for children: Discovery Lab, which offers hands-on learning opportunities 7 days a week. Single-day visits or memberships are available. The Discovery Lab is an outstanding addition to the Tulsa community; many families regularly enjoy morning or afternoon playdates with friends and family at this delightful children’s museum and learning lab. 

Discovery Lab is connected to Tulsa’s premier outdoor space, Gathering Place, which USA Today recently named the #1 City Park in the United States. Gathering Place is unlike any park of yesterday. It boasts multiple nature-wrapped playgrounds, water activities, two dining options, a gathering lodge overlooking the lake and park, walking and biking trails, and so much more. Every day of the week, parents can be found playing on Gathering Place playgrounds with their children rather than simply watching from a park bench. At the same time, couples can be seen strolling hand-in-hand along a paved path while others enjoy reading a book in an Adirondack chair at the water’s edge. Additional activities include grabbing a coffee or an ice cream in the park, adventuring in a kayak or paddle boat on the lake, or taking a bike ride from the park to downtown via the Midland Valley Trail

Speaking of bicycles, many find cycling to be a pleasurable part of life in Tulsa. Whether commuting to work, training for or competing in a race, or riding recreationally, Tulsa has become known for its growing accommodation of biking enthusiasts of all ages, levels, and types. For more than 10 years, bicycling.com has considered Tulsa a top bike-friendly city. Not only is Tulsa home to the infamous Cry Baby Hill on the route of Tulsa’s annual national Tulsa Tough race, but bikers of all types and skill levels can find their place in Tulsa. The USA BMX Headquarters and Hall of Fame are located in Tulsa along with the Hardesty National BMX Stadium where national competitions are held, local youth are trained, and community leagues thrive. As part of the Riverparks Authority, our legendary Turkey Mountain boasts more than 20 miles of interlocking trails upon which mountain bikers and hikers enjoy a beautiful tree-covered terrain. Along the banks of the Arkansas River, the 26-mile asphalt surface trail system that makes up Tulsa’s Riverpark Trails hosts competitive cyclists as well as children on bikes with training wheels on a daily basis. In May of each year for the past 35 years, Tulsa Bicycle Club has hosted Tour de Tulsa. Proceeds from Tour de Tulsa benefit the River Parks Foundation, which enhances the quality of life in Tulsa through its beautiful River Parks System. 

Tulsa truly feels like home. Time and space do not permit elaboration on Tulsa’s legendary golf courses, rodeo culture, and recreational lake activities. From visiting local farmers’ markets to joining a gym to visiting local faith communities, your people can be found right here. With an affordable housing market and all these opportunities, Tulsa is truly a worthy place to plant your roots.

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